Facetime for Samsung video call s8, galaxy s8

By | March 22, 2021

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has proved to be a very good brand in the market. It fulfills all the requirements of the user with its highly scalable features. Hence, the device demands careful attention to prevent any damage.

It has various features including

  • Face recognition
  • Floating shutter
  • Extracting text from screenshots
  • Dust resistor, and many more.

Facetime for Samsung

Facetime for Samsung video call s8, galaxy s8

Making video calls through FaceTime for Samsung Galaxy S8 active is the way to maintain the connection with family members and friends who are a long way away or to have work meetings.

A Samsung Galaxy S8 allows you to make video calls easily on the display of 16M shades of 5.8 inches, 85.4 cm2 (~ seventy-five. 0% display-to-body ratio), and the backbone of 1440×2960 pixels, 18.5:9 ratio (~568 PPI density).

If you also need to do the videoconference with your Samsung Galaxy S8, try on FaceTime.

You can enjoy pleasant group video calls with the app after installing in your Galaxy S8 active in its inner memory of sixty-four GB, and four GB RAM.

Video calls are always the best way to interact like a real-time conversation. Many applications with top features allow the different options in demand different settings to make them run. The settings where is from device-to-device so different kinds of guides come to show different models of mobiles. Hence, here is the guide on using FaceTime for Samsung video calls S8, Galaxy S8. If you are owing to the same, go through the below settings section can get to know how to navigate through your smartphone.

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Know the Video call settings

  1. Start a call
  • Navigate to the name you want to do a video call with.
  • Tap the icon to start the video call.
  1. Transfer to video call
  • Out of your Dialer, start an audio call to a contact by using the cellphone icon.
  • Inside the Dialer, tap the VIDEO call choice on the top of the display to switch to a video call.
  • As soon as the Video call has connected you can choose from the subsequent options:

Facetime for mac

-Change the camera view


-Display me

-Hide me


-End call

  • If you switch back to an audio call, you may not be capable of switching again to a Video call. Hence, you may have to hold up and dial again to begin a video call.
  1. Switch on / off
  • To show On/Off T-cell Video Calling, you will need to turn off wireless calling on the device.
  • To turn off wireless calling, observe those steps:
  • From the house screen, swipe up on an empty spot to open the Apps tray.
  • Go to Settings > Connections.
  • Tap greater connection settings.
  • Tap Wi-Fi Calling.
  • Slide the Wi-Fi transfer right to the ON or OFF function.

This is how you can operate your FaceTime for Samsung video call s8, galaxy s8. Hence, it is an easy process to learn how to operate the advanced technology upgrading day by day. You can easily search on Google about anything you want to learn.

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